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Stronger Together: The DeFi Legends Behind Aura's Multisig

Security is a core tenet our contributors has been building around since Aura was ideated. We have been participating in multiple audits and have created bug bounty programs, as outlined here.

More recently, we called upon key stakeholders in the DeFi community, including developers, investors, and founders, to support Aura via our protocol and treasury multi-sigs.

The Participants

Aura will have two multi-sigs, one for protocol function (”protocol multisig”) and another for the management of the community treasury (”community treasury”).

There will be some overlap between the two wallets, but generally, signers were selected because they are trusted members of the community, distributed across the globe, and are valuable members of the industry that have helped to push DeFi forward.

On the treasury multisig (4/7 quorum):

  • Daniel Matuszewski, co-founder of CMS

  • 0xMaki, contributor to Aura and LayerZero, co-founder of Sushi, and advisor to Tokemak

  • Darren Lau, founder of The Daily Ape and prominent DeFi VC

  • Sami, founder of Redacted Cartel

  • Tetranode, Ethereum whale and DeFi contributor

  • 0xMaha, contributor to Aura Finance

  • Stefan George, co-founder and CTO of Gnosis

On the protocol multisig (4/7 quorum):

  • Emiliano Bonassi, prominent DeFi security researcher, Yearn Finance developer

  • Sarang Parikh, core developer of Sushiswap

  • Aura core developer

  • 0xMaki, contributor to Aura and LayerZero, co-founder of Sushi, and advisor to Tokemak

  • 0xMaha, contributor to Aura Finance

  • Solarcurve, advisor to BeethovenX and “baller” at Balancer

  • Mike B, Balancer community member and active governor since Q3 2021

We’re proud to have the support of each of these signers as Aura moves toward launch.

Selection Criteria

When selecting the signers for both multi-sigs, we employed the following selection criteria:

  • Trusted members of the community: Each signer is a trusted member of the community, with an established track record of contributions, either financial or technical, to DeFi products and DAOs you interact with regularly.

  • Geographic distribution across the globe: Some doxxed, others not, signers exist across the globe and will never be located in the same geography at once, minimizing central points of failure.

  • Available 24/7: Whether they like to admit it or not, most if not all multisig participants are up more or less around the clock and can sign transactions whenever the need arises.

  • Participants in DeFi governance: Multisig signers have an awareness of the inner workings of DAOs and decentralized governance, and thus know the significance of transactions they are executing. Multisig members will also likely be active members of governance, contributing to the direction of Aura’s development.

In short, they’re people you all know (and hopefully love). And if you don’t know them by name, they most likely have funded or built DeFi applications you use every day.

The establishment of the two multi-signatures is the latest step forward as we move toward our imminent launch.

In case you missed it, Aura launches on June 9th through a bootstrapping LBP. Learn more about how you can get involved in the launch here.

Ahead of the AURA token and subsequent Aura protocol launch, feel free to join the conversation and take a role in our community via our Twitter and Discord.

Stay tuned for further information!

See you soon.

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