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Chakra Alignment: June 17, 2024

Welcome back to another quick check-in on all things Aura from the past couple of weeks.

LP Opportunities

EURA - PAR: 104.1% [Ethereum] -

ACX - wstETH: 99.6% [Ethereum] -

GHO - USDC: 27.9% [Ethereum] -

WETH - wrsETH: 25.5% [Optimism] -

AaveUSDT - USDT: 24.7% [Arbitrum] -


In the most recent epoch, total voting incentives increased to $397k. This resulted in >50% APR for vlAURA voters and $1.08 in emissions for every $1 spent by protocols.


New Gauges:

[BIP-614] Enable ZRS/ETH gauge [Ethereum]

[BIP-615] Enable gauge for USDC/GYD & USDT/GYD [zkEVM]

[BIP-616] Enable gauge for sDAI/aUSDC Rehype pool [Gnosis]

[BIP-618] Enable D2D/GYD 80/20 Gauge [Arbitrum]

[BIP-619] Enable Gauge for sUSDe/wstETH [Ethereum]

Other Governance:

[BIP-613] Wire up permissions and initial configuration for Mode and Fraxtal chains

[BIP-617] Request for BAL to reward UI beta testers

As always, you can find more information on any of the individual proposals via Aura's Snapshot page.

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