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Chakra Alignment: May 15, 2024

GM Meditators,

We’re back with a brief bi-weekly check-in on all things Aura.

LP Opportunities

sUSDe-USDC: 62% APR [Ethereum] -

GHO-USDT-USDC: 29% APR [Ethereum] -

jitoSOL-wstETH: 102% APR [Arbitrum] -

sAVAX-WAVAX: 14% APR [Avalanche] -

WETH-rsETH: 26% APR [Polygon zkEVM] -


The Aura UI was recently updated to include a stats page -


All of the following proposals recently passed governance. You can find more details on each of them via Aura’s Snapshot page.

New Gauges:

  • wOETH/WETH Gyro [Arbitrum]

  • inankrETH/ankrETH [Ethereum]

  • sDAI / aUSDC [Base]

  • PAR/EUROe [Polygon PoS]

  • PAR/EURe [Polygon PoS]

  • paUSD/stataPolUSDCn [Polygon PoS]

  • paUSD/GYD [Ethereum]

  • PAR/EURA [Ethereum]

  • weETH/WETH [Base]

Other Governance:

  • Claim Wormhole (W) tokens

  • Claim Extra Safe Airdrop

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