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Chakra Alignment: June 3, 2024

Welcome back, Meditators!

It’s time for our quick bi-weekly check-in on everything happening at Aura.

LP Opportunities

weETH-WETH: 16.1% APR [Base] -

sFRAX-FRAX: 45.1% APR [Optimism] -

auraBAL-wstETH: 32.9% APR [Arbitrum] -

wstETH-WETH: 32.1% APR [Polygon zkEVM] -

AaveUSDC-sDAI: 46.6% [Base] -


Although we saw vlAURA APR dip a bit in the most recent voting epoch, bribe efficiency was extremely high. For every $1 spent on incentives, a pool received $1.50 in emissions. This opens up more opportunities for new protocols to incentivize their pools.

Screen Shot 2024-05-29 at 10.38.20 AM.png


We saw several proposals pass Balancer governance votes in the second half of May. You can dig deeper into any of the proposals on Aura’s Snapshot page.

New Gauges:

[BIP-609] Enable Gauge for wrsETH/WETH [Optimism]

[BIP-610] Enable ETHx / wstETH Gauge [Arbitrum]

Other Governance:

[BIP-607] Update FTM Multisig to Claim vested BEETS

[BIP-608] Deploy Balancer on Fraxtal

[BIP-611] Delegate BalancerDAO ARB to karpatkey

[BIP-612] Funding for Live Event Participation

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