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Chakra Alignment: July 1, 2024

GM meditators, it's time for a quick chakra alignment.

LP Opportunities

tBTC-WETH: 51% [Base] -
cbETH-rETH-wstETH: 11.4% [Arbitrum] -
AaveUSDCn-paUSD: 42.5% [Polygon] -
AaveUSDC-sDAI: 24.9% [Base] -


This recent voting epoch saw ~$370k in voting incentives with ~60% APR for vlAURA voters. Very comfy.


In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen quite a few proposals approved on Snapshot.

New gauges were approved from protocols entering the Balancer/Aura ecosystem for the first time, as well as old friends. Governance related to funding and operations was especially busy.


[BIP-620] Enable gauge for wstETH/WETH E-CLP [Gnosis]
[BIP-622] Enable Gauge for saETH/wstETH pool on Mainnet
[BIP-623] Enable gauge for weETH / wstETH E-CLP (Arbitrum)
[BIP-624] Enable rsETH / WETH Gauge (Arbitrum)
[BIP-625] Enable gauge for WETH/rETH on [Gnosis]
[BIP-626] Enable Gauges for 4 Heroglyphs Genesis Tokens
[BIP-627] Enable syrupUSDC / sDAI Gauge (Ethereum)
[BIP-636] Enable Gauge for WAR/WETH on mainnet

Other Governance:

[BIP-621] Lock SAFE balance
[BIP-628] Balancer & Cow Protocol Strategic Partnership – Launching CoWAMM Pools
[BIP-629] Balancer DAO Service Provider & Grantee Standards
[BIP-630] Fund Balancer Maxis for Q3 2024
[BIP-631] Fund Beethoven X DAO - Technical for July - December
[BIP-632] Fund Beethoven X DAO - Marketing for July - December 2024
[BIP-633] Fund Balancer Grants Q3 2024
[BIP-634] Funding Balancer OpCo - Admin & Ops - Year 3
[BIP-635] Business Development SP Proposal for Q3 2024
[AIP-67] Fraxtal Deployment

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